WOL Church turns 30

WOLChurch turns 30


One of El   Paso’s most talked about church turns 30. On April 1, 1984, Pastor Tom Brown along with his wife, Sonia, founded the Word of Life Church in the AscarateSchool. Starting with only seven people, it has grown to be one of the most relevant churches in the city.

Historical Facts:

  • Word of Life Church was founded by Pastor Tom Brown on April 1, 1984 with seven people. It started in the AscarateElementary School on Alameda.
  • Three years later the church moved to a rented facility on 7750 North Loop.
  • Seven years later the church purchased nine acres of prime real estate off of Pratt Ave and Saul Kleinfeld and built its first building on 1994. The original square footage was 8,000. Later the church sold an acre.
  • The church expanded in 2004 and added an indoor playground and children’s facilities. The total square footage went past 17,000.
  • The church added new offices in 2011, increasing the square footage past 18,000.
  • Tom Brown was ordained and consecrated as an Anglican bishop on March 7, 2012.1
  • The church expanded once again by adding 3,200 more square footage for the children and coffee shop and another 2,200 square feet is used to increase the sanctuary by building premier box seats (commonly called a balcony). This brings total square footage well past 23,000 and seating to 812.
  • The ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication of the enlarged church as a Patriarchal Cathedral took place on Christmas Eve, December 24, Monday at 4:24 pm, 11675   Pratt Ave, El Paso, Texas79936. Two Christmas Eve services followed The Patriarch John Githiga was present to dedicate the cathedral.

Word of Life Church is celebrating this landmark occasion at the famous Cattlemen’s Steak House in Fabens on March 28, Friday at 6-9. Later it will celebrate the event at the church, 11675 Pratt Ave, on April 1, Tuesday at 7:15. There will be special music, video presentation of the history of the church, and stories of how people’s lives were positively impacted by the church. Bishop Tom Brown will also give an inspirational message on how you can make your dreams come true. (915) 855-9673

For interviews with Bishop Tom Brown, call (915) 855-9673

1 The ordaining body is a continuing Anglican Church which means it retains the heritage and apostolic succession of the Anglican church; however the church is not in full communion with the See of Canterbury.



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