St Patrick’s Day, Gay Pressure

Today, we as Christians celebrate the life of St Patrick. A great bishop that brought the gospel to Ireland. Through his efforts the pagan religion lost influence over the country. We owe much to his work in evangelizing. He also spoke out against social injustice, including slavery.

Today, in New York is the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade. And as expected, homosexual activists want to promote their sinful lifestyle during the parade. However, organizers don’t allow political expression during the parade, including homosexual and confused gender activists from promoting their lifestyle. It’s not that anyone is banned from marching; just no one can use the parade to push their political and social agenda.

The so-called LGBT group are known to be bullies. They threatened boycotts of any sponsor of the event.  Many beer companies (Samuel Adams, Heineken, and Guinness) bowed to the ungodly pressure.

We need to understand more than ever, how the successors of Sodom and Gomorra work. They are cruel, mean-spirited, and prejudice.

I wonder if the parade allowed them free expression to promote the homosexual lifestyle, would Christian be permitted to promote the traditional family of one man for one woman? I doubt it. For homosexuals, free speech goes only one way!

Here is the story:


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