How I am voting in El Paso

El Paso Elections

Here is how I am voting in the Democratic Primary:


Chief Justice for the 8th Court of Appeals

Mario Alberto Gonzalez


District Judge, 168th Judicial Court

Marcos Lizzarraga


District Judge, 205th Judicial Court

Daniel “Danny” Anchondo



Eddie Holguin, Jr or Aliana Apodoca (I lean toward Aliana Apodoca)


State Representative, District 76

Norma Chavez


State Representative, District 77

Marisa Marquez


State Representative, District 79

Joe Pickett


On Immigration Reform



Living Wage for All Texans



Non Discrimination

Against (It is a pro gay agenda)


I have no strong opinions outside of these choices. Regardless of how you vote, get out and vote. Remember, “Give to Caesars what is Caesars and to God what is God’s.”


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