Scarlett Johansson pressured against Israel, stands firm

Scarlett Johansson stepped down from her support of the humanitarian group, Oxford International. Why? Simply because they want her to stop her endorsement deal with SodaStream International Ltd.  The Oxford group feels that any Israeli company operating in the West Bank is impoverishing the people of Palestine. That is hogwash. I am happy to see that Scarlet Johansson understands that supporting SodaStream does not impoverish the people in Palestine, but gives them job opportunities.

Scarlett Johansson refused to succumb to the anti-Semitic forces that see Israel as the bad guys. Cmon. We know better. The same forces that call good evil, and evil good, are at it again. These are same people who call homosexuality good, and those for traditional marriage as bad. These are the same people that call abortion good, and those opposed to abortion as bad.

Regardless of your views on homosexuality and abortion, surely we can agree that building businesses in the West Bank is good for the Palestinians. It gives them jobs, and I see nothing better to promote harmony between Israelis and Palestinians than economic partnerships.

This is why I am happy and honored to serve as the president of Christians United for Israel for the local, El Paso branch. I am tired of seeing people pressured to abandon goodness. Make so mistake about this: Satan is behind the anti-God, anti-Christian and anti-Israel movement. Let’s take a stand and support our friends in Israel. And SodaStream is good for the Palestinians, too.

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One thought on “Scarlett Johansson pressured against Israel, stands firm

  1. Isn’t The New Yorker supposed to be a serious magazine? Slate reports on the 5,000 word profile of actress Scarett Johansson by so-called journalist Anthony Lane:

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