Girl Scout Cookies

Some Christians have decided to not purchase Girl Scout Cookies over the alleged accusation that some of the profit of the GSUSA go to Planned Parenthood. Click the link the story:
I have trouble with the premise that if someone including the baker who works with GSUSA funds Plan Parent Hood, that somehow the local girl scout is an accomplice with them.
Look, in the end, what you purchase, (food, clothes, cars, houses), doesn’t some of it go to liberal politics and pro-abortion as well as conservative and right to life causes? If I buy something and even an employee who makes money through my purchase is a pro-abortion liberal, doesn’t some of my money go to that employees’ causes?  Do I stop buying because some portion goes to where I do not like? That is impossible in this world.
Unless the local scout troupe, that keeps most of the money, is pouring their money into abortion clinics, I am not going to turn down the cute, godly girls wanting to make a positive difference in our society. I just bought some cookies from one of the members of my church, and I can assure you that the family and little girl stand for the truth.

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